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If you think you need just boxes and tape for your move, think again. Having the right packing and moving supplies on hand can make the difference between a move that is easy and stress-free and something that you never want to do again.

Here is a list of essential moving equipment that you can refer to as you prepare to move. This reminds you what supplies you need to make your move manageable!

Various sizes of boxes

You won’t want to overpack heavy items such as books and dishes. Try to get smaller boxes to fit these heavy items in for easier carrying

Wrap cushioning

Many stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot sell bulk cushioning for moving

Be sure to get a dishes kit as well, the soft Styrofoam inserts in between dishes can make a huge difference in packing.

These inserts save you time by not having to wrap each individual plate and glass separately.

Packing tape

Seems simple enough, right? Packing tape can be a pain if it gets tangled, stuck, and being forced to use scissors for each cut so use a tape dispenser to make it easier.

Utility knife or scissors

Obviously, you’ll need these tools to unpack your boxes but it’s also a great idea to have these on hand while you are packing as well.

Permanent marker to mark boxes

Get boxes with checklist listed on them or use colored labels to identify which boxes go to each room (ex: yellow tags for kitchen, green tags for dining room).

Cargo straps or rope


Perfect for saving trips with multiple boxes and great for heavy items.

Mattress cover

Mattress covers are easily forgotten but it protects your mattress from the moving truck, dirt, etc.

A compact tool box

Many pieces of furniture require disassembling, don’t be stuck without the tools you need

Small Ziplock bags

These are great for putting screws and small pieces of furniture assembly into so that you don’t lose them!

Blue painters’ tape

Use blue painters’ tape to attach the Ziplock bag of screws onto the piece of furniture it belongs to and don’t forget to label it.

Furniture pads and covers

When moving large couches or other pieces of furniture, both items can protect your floors and your furniture from being damaged

Stretch wrap

Stretch wrap has various useful applications in moving. Use it to keep drawers closed on items like dressers and nightstands. You can also use it to protect furniture, especially wood pieces, from scratches and other surface damage.

Large, heavy duty garbage bags

Use these to toss pillows, comforters, and sheets into

Then use the packed bags to cushion fragile things in a moving truck

These can also be used for clothing; keep your clothes on the hanger and place a large garbage bag over the clothing, tie the top of the garbage bag around the top of the hangers.

Cleaning supplies

Having basic cleaning supplies on hand can be more convenient than you think

After you move each piece of furniture, give it a quick dust, mop, broom to leave the place looking fresh for the next person


Sometimes wearing work gloves can assist you in gripping awkward piece of furniture and/or heavy boxes

Can I get packing supplies from my moving company?

You might be tempted to get all your moving supplies from a moving company—after all, it’s a one-stop shop with boxes, tape, and everything else you can think of—but you can usually save money by getting the bulk of your supplies elsewhere.

That being said, you can save money by renting some supplies from a moving company rather than buying them outright yourself.

Many stores break boxes down and throw them away, it doesn’t hurt to go to your local beer/liquor/grocery store to ask for any in-tact boxes they may be getting rid of.

Additionally, some moving, and U-Haul locations will give you used boxes for free.

Other things to note when moving:

  • Hiring a moving company can be pricey but beneficial
    • Get quotes from several companies if you are able.
    • Some moving companies will provide the moving labor if you provide the moving truck, for a lot less
  • Don’t wait until the last minute!
    • Procrastinating when you are making a big move can make it that much more stressful
    • Plan ahead if you need to, make lists, and try to stay as organized as possible
  • Keep a binder with all instruction manuals, warranties etc. to pass off to the next homeowner/start one of your own for your future home.

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