Is A Starter Home Your Pot Of Gold?

My pot of gold for today is stewing in the Slow Cooker as it always does on March 17. My grandfather was proud and Irish. Although he died when I was only 2, my mother carried on the corned beef tradition as I do today. My kids always hated it. However, my adult son was home last year AND SEEMED TO LIKE IT! I’m surprised he even tried it after years of pretending to choke on the smell.

But our tastes change. In food and styles and just about everything else. I was reading the other day that younger buyers in some areas have been priced out of starter homes and are being forced to go to the next home they might have bought because the smaller homes they would likely start out in are simply not there to buy.

This is sad on one hand because it’s so fun to have that starter home and really mess it up with DIY projects. I mean paint etc, not electrical and plumbing! Please don’t attempt those without a professional! But we learn from our young mistakes and we have so much more energy when we are young to take crazy projects on.

But our tastes change in homes too and as we age, we might want more privacy and need more space. Having done really awful things to our first home we might be wiser. If you’re not following me then maybe I’m the only one who painted the tin roof of my first house blue…

The advantage of investing directly in the next house you might buy is possibly more equity faster as prices go up, because the demand for more bedrooms and bathrooms will let those bigger homes appreciate more that the tiny starter home. Considering the values of the surrounding homes which are likely also worth more with more beds and baths. If you can afford to do this is might be a better investment.

Happy St Patrick’s Day. Have a fun day with green waterfalls, silly foods and maybe start a DIY project you were afraid to try. Maybe it will be your pot of gold!

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